Bee And PuppyCat Wiki
Name Wallace
Sex Male
Species Fish/Monster
Introduced in Bee and Puppycat Part 2
Voiced by Frank Gibson (fish form)
Marina Sirtis (monster form)

Wallace is a large fish who appears in Bee and Puppycat Part 2. He lives in fish bowl space and turns out to be a large monster.

Personality and traits[]

Wallace is very sensitive, shown by the fact that he cries easily. He constantly misses his mother. It is not shown at the end if he died, turned back into a fish, or even if the fish we saw was the real Wallace.


Wallace is a large, green fish in his original state but when he becomes a monster, he is large and grey, with black hair, feminine features, spike-like extensions of skin running down his body and two mouths, replacing his eyes and nose.


Wallace can transform from a fish into a monster by extending his teeth and creating a pathway for the monster to exit his body. He can also shoot out his large tongue when in monster-form.