Space Outlaw
Name Space Outlaw
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Humanoid alien (Formerly) PuppyCat (Currently)
Introduced in Bee and Puppycat Part 2
The Space Outlaw is a character from Bee and Puppycat Part 2. He was featured in a story PuppyCat told to the sad Wallace in Fishbowl Space.


In the story, the space outlaw fell in love with the Space King's daughter, and the two agreed to meet in a meadow before escaping. Before they could escape, the Space King's daughter lied to the Outlaw who was surrounded by the King's army of warlocks at the meadow. The Space King then casts a spell on the Outlaw to capture him; but because of the outlaw's anger over the princess's deception, the magic turned him into a monster and he escaped.

After the adventures with Wallace in Fishbowl Space, Puppycat returns to his new home looking out to the stars after his day. It is suggested that Puppycat is the Space Outlaw when Bee leaves she turns out the lights where the Space Outlaw's reflection shows where Puppycat's should be.

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Before being cursed by the Space King, the Space Outlaw looked like a well-dressed convict with spiked hair. In the story, it shows he had dyed the tip of his hair blue before he got turned into a monster.