Name PuppyCat
Introduced in Bee and PuppyCat Part 1
Voiced by Oliver

PuppyCat is a character in Bee and PuppyCat. It is found by Bee after falling in front of her.


PuppyCat looks like an ordinary cat with some minor differences. Its face looks like a dog, hence Puppy, and its body looks more like a cats body, hence Cat. Puppycat has mostly a white body with brown ears, thick brown eyebrows, a brown tipped tail, and brown paws. Also with a pink collar tied at the end to a yellow bell. He is voiced by an English Vocaloid named Oliver


Not much is known about the origins of Puppycat. What is known is that PuppyCat is a member of an unknown legion of space cats in fishbowl space, whose purpose is still unknown. PuppyCat is able to speak to other animals other than cats themselves.



Bee becomes Puppycat's new owner when he falls out of the sky on her while she's waiting on the crosswalk. The night he spent with Bee, Bee had a nightmare that others of Puppycat's species were with her, walking off a crystal cliff. When Puppycat falls, Bee grabs him by the paw and he scratches her. The wounds from his claws are rainbow like and ribbons come out and causes her to feel sad as the ground beneath her feet shatters.