[The episode starts out with Bee looking dreary in the pouring rain under an umbrella waiting to cross a street.]
Bee: [internal dialogue] I got fired today.
Bee: [internal dialogue] I'd jaywalk but I can't afford getting a ticket. [Bee presses the button to change the walk sign furiously]
[Cop car siren wails and a cop points at Bee as if threatening her to not jaywalk while two kids giggle as they chase a duck]
Cop: [Slowly while wagging finger at Bee] Nnnnnnnnnoooooooo.
Cop: [Speed resumes as he quickly noms a sparkling doughnut with a loud nomming sound]
Bee: [Looking horribly disgruntled, Bee scoffs]' Change you stupid light.
[A mystical portal opens above Bee and PuppyCat pops out then lands on Bee's umbrella]
Bee: [Shocked gasp] A cat?! [PuppyCat's ears waggle]
Bee: Maybe a dog? [PuppyCat's tail flops]
Bee: Huh.
[Scene shows PuppyCat on the ground and changes to PuppyCat in the same position in bee's apartment]
Bee: Guuuh, guuuhuuuh, guuuuhhhhuhh. I am such a loooser. [Bee commits seppuku with her umbrella then falls over and flails] Ooooh! My guuts my guts.
[Someone knocks on Bee's door, she sits up and closes her umbrella before rushing to answer it.]
[Deckard is shown outside the door, Bee opens the door and jumps into his face.]
Deckard: Hey.
Bee: Hey Deckard.
[They both blush and continue blushing nonstop.]
Deckard: I heard you lost your job?
Bee: Oh uhh... yeah. Too bad I can't make a career out of getting fired, right? [Bee flails one hand then spins her umbrella around.] I'd be like the CEO or manager... which one's more impressive... pres-i-dent...
Deckard: Are you gonna be oka- [Before he could finish Bee's flailing around causes her umbrella to expand out and hits Deckard in the crotch.]
Bee: OH MY GOD! [Bee runs back into her apartment and slams her door.] Oh, oh my god! Ah wait ah ooh ah. [Deckard hobbles over and starts falling down in pain.] I got ah stuff for your stuff!
Bee: I GOT YOU SOME ICE FOR YOUR CROTCH!! I'M SHOVING THE CROTCH ICE UNDER THE DOOR!! [Bee starts pushing the crotch ice under the door but the ice stops it, Deckard pulls on it from the other side and it goes through.]
[Bee stops blushing, looks around waiting, then opens the door to peak out and sees some casserole on the floor where Deckard was rolling around.]
Bee: [Bee walks into her living room carrying the casserole, sees PuppyCat.]
Oh! You're awake. Wanna split a casserole?

[Bee is floating downward in a sea of black when suddenly a miniature puppycat like PuppyCat pops out of her hair.]
Bee: Oh, hello! [More pop out] Well well.
[The puppycats start meowbarking wildly as Bee lands on some large, mostly purple, crystalline structure.
They breathe deeply and then perform a well choreographed dance complete with more meowbarks, then they run off in a line to an edge of the crystalline structure and jump off one by one.]
Bee: What?! [A puppycat bee was holding jumps out of her hands.] Ah wait! [She grabs its paw before it can finish falling.] Where are you guys going?! [The puppycat extracts its claws and scratches down Bee's arm as he falls away. The scratches leave rainbow colored wounds and ribbons fly out and encircle Bee.]
Bee: Why does this make me feel so sad? [The crystalline structure explodes and Bee awakens.]


Temp Agent: Ok you have no documentable skills, you didn't manage to finish schooling past high school, work history is spotty... at best. This is a temp agency not a charity, we- phone rings Hello? Uh huh, no. I didn't know he had a peanut allergy. Ok well you know if it is just a little bit of swelling then-then just get him away from the peanuts and it will be over in about a half hour otherwise call an ambulance. Thank you, yup, bye.
Bee: [swag accent] You took too long now your candy's gone, that's what happened. BU-KOW!